Energy Vampires Spiritual Protection

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Humanity is surrounded by energy vampires who have been feeding off of their prana to live in our reality.  This guide introduces the reader to:

Who they are
Why they are here
How to identify them
Symptoms of attack
How to protect yourself from future harm

Knowledge is the only thing that can free you from their grasp. 


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Customer Reviews
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Dynamic webinar 5 product stars
"I have been bitten by energy vampires and didn't realize it until I watched this webinar. Now I understand why I've been suffering the way I have. Thank you for assisting me in identifying the problem and for offering a real solution to allow me to change my life experiences. This was much needed and well presented." Shawn - 6/26/2019
Just What I Needed 5 product stars
"I have been surrounded by vampires all my life. I purchased this e-guide and it has really opened my eyes to why I this has happened to me. Now I know how to correctly protect myself from their negative influences. Thanks for the info!!! It's just what I needed." Kim - 6/8/2019
Great Course 5 product stars
"I really enjoyed this short course. I learned a lot of useful information that will assist me in the future. I have been bitten on numerous occasions just because of my own sheer ignorance. I feel much more empowered now." Gary - 8/28/2019
Great Read 5 product stars
"I purchased my guide for the Live Chat. It is really well done and is packed with useful information that I really needed. Love the meditations too...this was a great read." Darius - 6/12/2019
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