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Understanding the Black Moon in your natal chart can make astrology that much more relevant to your unfolding journey.This reading aims to aid you in how to recognize and reconnect with this visceral, primal part of you -- a part that craves attention and healing. We will help you to integrate ISIS by delineating in an elegant and nurturing way the placement of  ISIS in your chart by sign, house and aspects to the other planets plus your upcoming transits of outer planets (Jupiter-Pluto) and progressions of your inner planets (Sun-Mars plus MC/ASC) to ISIS.

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Blown Away!! 5 product stars
"This reading was amazingly accurate and it provided me with some much needed insight. I definitely will recommend it to my friends and family members." Laura - 4/15/2019
Very Accurate 5 product stars
"I had this reading done, and it gave me great insight into myself. I am glad I invested in this reading." Dena - 4/12/2019
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