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We offer numerous magical seals that can assist you in your life.  You can use our seals to attract wealth, health, and the luck you are looking for.  Our seals are designed to work for both good and evil with various spirits who rule the world.  

Your seals will be specially chosen by Auset and charged prior to shipping.  Instructions on how to use them will be included in your packet. 

As each packet is specially created, we ask that you allow 5-7 business days for delivery. 


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Powerfully Effective 5 product stars
"I was in danger of losing my child forever. I purchased a magical seal. Auset charged it for me and told me to carry it on me in the courtroom. I WON MY CASE AND MY BABY CAME BACK HOME!!! I am so grateful for her and the Golden Race." Samantha - 9/24/2019
Saved my Car 5 product stars
"My car was up for repo. I could no longer afford to pay and didn't want to have to walk so I needed a miracle. I purchased some seals that were charged by Auset. She told me to place one in my glove box for protection. She also bound up my bank and repo agency. Things magically shifted in my favor in such a manner that my bank has decided to write off my car as bad debt and are no longer trying to repo my car!!! I KNOW these seals and her intercessory work is the ONLY reason why this happened for me." Topcat - 10/6/2019
These Seals Saved my Contract!!! 5 product stars
"I am an independent contractor who was in danger of losing a contract due to a nosey loader at a shipper who complained on me for NO reason. I purchased a magical seal in hopes of saving my contract. Auset sent me an invisibility seal and told me to put in in my work truck and to wear one in my pocket. When I returned to the same shipper, they acted as if they did not know me. I have been shipping from them ever since and this was a month ago since this happened. These magical seals saved my contract!!" Germaine - 10/10/2019
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