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Learn the ancient art of Palmistry in this introductory course.  Your hands provide insight into your personality traits.  

Benefits of Palmistry

  • It can assist you in knowing which direction or decision to make. It lets you gain the confidence in sticking to your own thoughts and beliefs when deciding.
  • You will learn your purpose in life and thus improve your over-all well-being.
  • You will gain insight of your strengths and weaknesses. With this, you can know which characteristics you must cultivate in order to gain more strength in the challenges ahead of you.
  • You can gain the best advice when it comes to making the right decisions in terms of love or relationship, life choices and financial stability.
In this course you will learn: 

The main lines
What the lines mean
The quality of the lines
Points of the hands
Line interpretation
How to do a palm reading
and Much More!!



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Customer Reviews
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A True Guide to Life!! 5 product stars
"I had my palms read in the past and have always desired to learn more. When I saw this short course I purchased it, curious about what I would learn. I am so glad I did. I learned more than I ever thought possible. I completed the short course and began the 10 week training course and am learning more and more every day!! It is amazing how much is written in our hands and how the lines can change based on life circumstances. This information is priceless and is truly divine." Pat - 6/8/2019
Great Short Course 5 product stars
"I purchased this short course and I enjoyed it. The diagrams made it easy to find the lines in my hand and to decipher their meanings. This was a very insightful course. Loved the instructional video too!" Kim - 5/3/2019
Enjoyed It!! 5 product stars
"I have been curious about palmistry for quite some time. I purchased this short course last month, and I am happy to report that I learn a lot of useful information. I have been practicing on my family and friends. Great course!" Kelly - 5/1/2019
Wonderful Course 5 product stars
"This short course is very informative. It is laid out in an easy to understand format. I love the diagrams in the course manual. Love this information and am looking forward to the 10-week course in May." Shirley - 4/17/2019
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