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Are you looking for a personalized spell for protection, love, binding, purification, etc..?  Don't trust the premade ones on the internet who were created by god knows who.  Spells and incantations are not one size fit all.  Each area of your life deserves well-crafted instructions that are able to bring REAL life-changing results. 

We offer personalized ancient spells for your personal use.  Each spell is individually crafted for your specific purpose.  Most of our spells work with ancient Kemetic forces. 

Disclaimer: Results vary based on belief and your ability to focus your energy.

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Customer Reviews
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I Got the Love of my Life!! 5 product stars
"I ordered a love spell and it worked like a charm. There was a female I had a crush on for years, but I was uncomfortable telling her how I felt. We had pretty much entered the friend zone and I wanted much more than that. A week after I did this spell, she came to me and confessed that she was in love with me. I couldn't believe my ears. I KNOW that this spell did the trick and I am so thankful." Thomas - 5/10/2019
The Mightest Touch 5 product stars
"I was in need of a new work truck for my business. I decided to get a spell in hopes of making what had been a series of denials an approval. Ausar created a spell for me which included his own intercessory touch. In less than 1 week I got 3 approvals!! I can get 3 trucks if I wanted to to 3. He has the mightest touch. This was the best investment I could have made." Joe - 9/24/2019
Feeling Rich Now 5 product stars
"I purchased a money spell from Ausar N Auset and the money keeps coming!! First I got a raise. Then a loved one left me an unexpected inheritance. I played the lottery and won big!! I literally went from zero to feeling rich in less than 30 days!! I know this only happened because of this spell. I will be making a donation to the Golden Race. Thank you sooo much!!" Deborah - 6/12/2019
Just What I Needed!! 5 product stars
"I had been struggling with an aggravating boss for months. I purchased a spell from Ausar N Auset and within 2 weeks my whole situation changed. My boss was fired and I ended up getting her job!! I deserved it since I had been doing all of her work anyway. This was more than I had anticipated, but lord knows I needed the increase in pay. I highly recommend these spells." Penny - 5/5/2019
Very Powerful!!! 5 product stars
"I have been dealing with a nasty b tch for several months. After trying EVERYTHING in my power to bind her, I purchased a personalized spell. It worked like a charm in sending ALL of her negative energy back to her!! She came at me 1 way and has fled 7 ways!!! I am very grateful for this divine assistance." Sharon - 6/8/2019
I'm Free at Last 5 product stars
"I had an energy vampire who had a psychic hold on me. I needed to be freed from her influence. I purchased a spell from Ausar N Auset and I am FINALLY FREE!! If you are struggling with negative attachments, this is what you need." Silvia - 5/22/2019
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