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If you like Ausar N Auset video dialogue, you will LOVE our Real Talk discussions.  Learn more in-depth knowledge in our full dialogue discussion.  Order your copies today and have them emailed directly to your inbox.


Episode 1-Dead O's Revealed
Episode 2-Blood Lines
Episode 3-Mental Breakdown of Mankind
Episode 4-Docile
Episode 5-Differences Between the Race of Man
Episode 6-Ancient Blood Lines in America
Episode 7-Pandora's Box
Episode 8-The Great Divide 
Episode 9-The Golden Race Full Overview
Episode 10-Spiritual Protection
Episode 11- You are Your Own Worst Enemy
Episode 12- Spiritual Armageddon
Episode 13- Economic 
Episode 14-Nibiru: The Destroyer is Coming
Episode 15-Divine Bloodline Activation
Episode 16-Honoring the Ancestors
Episode 17-The Big Payback
Episode 18--The Curse of Forgiveness
Episode 19- Return to True Spirituality
Episode 20-The Power of Hate
Episode 21- Manifestation
Episode 22-Cosmic Countdown
Episode 23- Paranormal Activity
Episode 24-The Importance of Natural Health
Episode 25- America's Armageddon
Episode 26- The Fall of the Beast
Episode 27- All Coons will be Destroyed
Episode 28- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Episode 29- Resonant Frequency Rising
Episode 30-The Shadow People
Episode 31- Learn to Value Your Spirituality
Episode 32- Body Snatching
Episode 32- Climate Change
Episode 34- Maintaining your God Body
Episode 35- Home School Network
Episode 36- Heroes End up Zeroes
Episode 37- The 6th Great Mass Extinction Event
Episode 38- It Chapter 2 Decoded
Episode 39- MAJOR ALERT-Ready or Not, It's coming!!!!

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Loved It!! 5 product stars
"I listen to Ausar N Auset on the Golden Race radio station and I was happy to discover I can purchase the episodes on the website. I love these in-depth discussions as they provide REAL knowledge for our people." Cammie - 11/7/2019
Wonderful Lectures 5 product stars
"I heard a lecture on the Golden Race radio station. When I found out I could purchase them online, I started getting one a week. I have learned so much by listening to them. They have truly been a blessing." Shirley Mae - 5/5/2019
Fire!!! 5 product stars
"These lectures are truly Real Talk lectures!! They are packed with powerful knowledge that most people are ignorant of or are too scared to admit. I have learned so much since I found the Golden Race. I listen to these lectures over and over and learn something new every time." Jeremy - 6/10/2019
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