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Just waking up in Consciousness?  Looking for spiritual guidance or someone with experience to talk to?  Need sound advice? 

We are here to help.  Schedule your personal telephone consultation with Ausar N Auset to set you on the right path to spiritual illumination.    

  • Have your questions answered
  • Create and achieve your spiritual goals
  • Overstand the reality that you live in
  • Get sound advice from a reliable source

You will receive an email with your assigned appointment time once we process your order.

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Customer Reviews
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Telephone Consultation 5 product stars
"This review was so what I needed. Everything shared resonated with me. She knew my symptoms of awakening and let me know of others that I may experience. She even shared with me some of her experiences. I could really relate with the reading and it was just what I needed. I would definitely recommend a reading." Nancy - 11/30/2018
Dynamic Results 5 product stars
"I spoke with Auset about my dire financial situation. I needed some REAL spiritual advice. She gave me a ritual to do and said she would intercede on my behalf. Within the week I received 2 job offers that had a salary higher than I expected and great benefits!!! I know it was her positive energy that has turned my life around." Candice - 11/14/2019
Telephone Consultation 5 product stars
"I would like to thank both Ausar N Auset my telephone consultation provided a positive and vibrant experience. The communication was informative and enlightening it was like reconnecting with old friends! They are the best!" Stacey - 12/8/2018
Divine Support 5 product stars
"I have been suffering with some personal issues for quite some time. I scheduled a telephone consultation with Auset and she provided me with the divine information I needed to free me from years of psychological bondage. I am eternally grateful to her. Although I only paid for a 30 minute session, she patiently worked with me until I got that mental release. I am very excited that spiritual people have a divine source where we can get real spiritual council." Yvette - 6/10/2019
Astrology Reading & Consultation 5 product stars
"AMAZING!! I recently (6 mths ago) found TheGoldenRace on YouTube I decided to get the astrology reading and it was the most eye-opening experience I have ever had. Ausar ensured I understood my reading and knew how to apply it to my life. The reading made sense of my life! . Thankso much! My world has changed for the better! I'm signing up for the Mystery School to it's a must for me...we need to support and patronize the truth!!!!!" Tamara - 11/29/2018
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