The Great Divide

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Look INSIDE  The destruction of one regime and the birth of a new one can be a blessing or a curse depending on your level of conscious awareness.  Don't let this Great Divide catch you off guard!!   This book is your ticket to Inner-Galactic freedom, as you learn how to navigate through this cosmic battle so that you don't become a casualty of war. 

The ebook is interactive with links to related articles and videos that support the topics presented in the text. 


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"So glad I brought the book! I found myself having multiple conversations during throughout the read. Being a nurse health is very important, love the chemicals keys to life . The whole book kept me engaged. I enjoy everything that you re doing. We re moving forward!" Katrina J Wilson - 6/17/2018
The Interactive eBook was Wonderful 5 product stars
"I have read many eBooks, but this one by far was extremely informative and great to read! The links to videos and articles was a wonderful addition. It helped me to fully understand what the author was writing about. It really bought the concepts to life for me and has got me curious to start my own investigative research. I loved it from start to finish, it kept me engaged. Great job Ausar N Auset. Can't wait for the next one." Cheryl - 5/28/2018
INSIDER UPDATE! 5 product stars
"Extremely great read! A book you cannot put down and finish in a few hrs. or less! This book to me is a follow to: "Black Roots Science" a friend introduced me back in 2008. Now ten yrs. later I;m getting a followup update on what's happening specifically on this planet today! However to the average person this book is considered sci-fi to them. Overall a must read!" Bruce Hampton - 7/21/2018
Awesome Read!! 5 product stars
"This book is a must have for everyone who is seeking the truth. I couldn't stop reading it. The more I read, the more I learned. I highly recommend this book." Cayce - 5/14/2018
Knowledge is Power 5 product stars
"This is a very powerful book filled with knowledge & wisdom that you won't find anywhere else." Jewel - 5/29/2018
The Best Prophetic Book Written Of Our Time, That s overstandable 5 product stars
"Hey Cosmic Family I ll start here by saying this I ve never been much of a reader even though I m in college about to graduate I guess it s because the information being taught to us in school is wrong knowledge as all of you would know by now. However on this path of being awakened the spirit in you will lead you to right knowledge and it s something that can be felt. No one needs to persuade of what the truth is and so I say all this to say. Upon reading this book The Great Divide I instantly started to resonate with the information in this book. The spirit also gave me a lot of confirmations in my life that showed me the information in this book is in fact very factual and truth. Like I said I ve never been much of a reader but this book had me wanting to just stay in and read. Instead of going out and partying like I used to. It s summertime aswell right now so imagine that. I enjoy knowing the fact that the more I read the more I m getting closer and closer to whats to come in the very near future and getting closer to who Iam suppose to be in this life because this book gives you awhole bunch of tips of how to really better yourself. Seriously. If you take this information in this book serious I guarantee you ll become the person you are desperately wanting to become and you ll want to read this book twice. Just to really take in all the knowledge. As for me I m a few pages away from being done now and my life has really changed ALOT since taking in the information from this book and using it. Also with the help of Auset and Ausar tremendously through the membership and them just being there for me in the very hard times in this transitional period with there knowledge of them also being in our position a time before. That s how I ll leave it here and the spirit in you as you are reading this book will just give you the confirmations that this is truly right knowledge cosmic family." Dexter Ambroise - 7/9/2018
Eye-Opening Concepts 5 product stars
"This book opened my mind to many concepts that I never considered. From religion to economics I am seeing things differently. I am happy I read this book as it has jump started my consciousness!!" Sandra - 4/15/2019
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