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This is a beginners Yoga course that will teach you how to use this ancient discipline for fitness and health to improve their quality of life.  It covers a number of topics such as the types of yoga, beginner tips, items needed to perform yogic poses, and much more.  If you are interested in this ancient discipline, I highly recommend this short course. 


There is no enrollment fee for this course. 


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Customer Reviews
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Awesomeness 5 product stars
"I have been doing the guided exercise daily and I feel like 100 bucks!! This is a great course. Highly Recommended." Keisha - 4/18/2019
I Feel Like a Pro Now!!! 5 product stars
"I took a couple of yoga lessons at my local gym and was lost. I was too ashamed to ask for additional help from the instructor since all of the other participants seemed like they'd been doing yoga for years. I really wanted to learn more and I saw the infomercial on YouTube about this beginner short course. I purchased it day one and I am so glad I did. I learned more in this course than I ever would have researching the internet. The instructional video was great and I loved the one-on-one beginner session that took me through. Now I know what items I need and how to use them correctly. This was well worth the money and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to KNOW all about Yoga before they dive right in. Very well done!!" Jessica - 4/10/2019
Very Thorough 5 product stars
"This short course is very thorough and it has given me a good foundation into the yogic discipline. I don't like engaging in anything that I don't fully understand. Since I heard mixed stories about Yoga, I wanted some clarity and this short course gave me this. Now I am ready to actively take yoga long term. Thanks King & Queen" Keith - 4/15/2019
Great Short Course 5 product stars
"I had been wanting to learn more about yoga so I purchased this course. It was really informative. I learned some useful information which makes me ready to go full steam ahead in this discipline." Georgette - 5/22/2019
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