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Posted by Ausar N Auset

Health Begins in the Gut

Yesterday, Ausar met an older woman who appeared to be pregnant. Upon talking to her we discovered that she was bloated and backed up with feces. She admitted that she only defecates once a week! We explained to her that health starts in the gut and that if you eat three times a day, you should defecate 3 times per day.
           We had a long discussion with her and spent time explaining that organic beings should consume organic food as well as the importance of us all returning to nature for our healing. We explained that there are so many wild herbs and "weeds" that grow in our backyards that can heal our bodies. Unfortunately many of our people have lost the knowledge of natural healing. We invited her to join the Golden Race family so that she could learn how to take better care of her temple.

           We also suggested that she tried a product that we sell in our online store called "Super Colon cleanse." This product is an herbal based powerful cleanse that will definitely get you going and cleanse your temple of harmful bacteria. If you are suffering with constipation or the infamous bloated belly, check it out today!! This ten day remedy will get you on track.

           The Golden Race Mystery School teaches our Initiates how to take care of their bodies in great detail. Initiates learn about internal and spiritual cleansing of their minds, bodies, and souls. A diseased body has a direct impact on your spiritual and mental abilities.  We encourage all of our members to enroll in the Mystery School at some point so that you can be adequately trained in herbal healing. On the Intercessor level you will learn how to identify wild plants, how to harvest them, and turn them into medicine for you and your family among other topics. Once you are adequately trained, disease and costly pharmacy bills will be a thing of the past. This planet has all of the medicinal benefits that you need to maintain optimum health.


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