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Posted by Ausar N Auset

Toxic Thoughts Produce a Toxic Life

       The primary purpose for creating the Golden Race Online store is to assist every member of our cosmic family with learning how to maintain and enhance their organic temples that house their soul force. The easiest way to do this is with proper health choices. All of us start life in proper shape, but at some point in our lives, some unhealthy ideas enter our minds that cause a terrible result to take place in our bodies and overall health. My negative thought implant occurred in high school. I was always lean and athletically built because I ran track. When I got to the eleventh grade, I began to notice how all of the other “sisters” were more shapely and curvy than I was and as a result they attracted many “black” male suitors. Raised in the south, the young men valued curves on their women. I knew that I wanted to marry a BROTHER and not one of the OTHERS, so I had to get these curves. I asked one of my male friends why the other girls were built that way and I wasn’t. He told me that it was what they ate, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, etc… He suggested that I begin to eat “soul food” so that I too would get those “pumps in a bump.” His bad advice led me on a road of toxic living.

            As I started eating this unhealthy diet, I soon became addicted and the curves got out of control as my coca cola bottle shape turned into a gallon jug. By the time I was in my low twenties, I had ballooned to 215 pounds and had completely forgotten how to get this weight off. Along with the compliments of "black men" came unwanted issues such as acid reflux. All those girls who had those “dangerous” curves are now diabetic and suffering under debilitating diseases. Thank goodness for Ausar. He was extremely health conscious and he assisted me in returning to my former self. I lost over 80 pounds, and after having three kids, I look better today than I did before I had the first one. I have maintained a healthy weight for over 15 years by making health conscious choices. If I can do it, you can too! Ausar taught me that my health is the most valuable commodity that I have and that I must take care of myself.

            Since we live in a mind-matrix reality, your thoughts are extremely powerful. If you desire to live and look healthy for the rest of your life, you must first accept that healthy concept in your own mind and make the right choices to bring this desire into your reality. One choice that we made was to stop taking synthetic vitamins every day.  We learned that our food is our medicine and therefore all of our vitamins should be food based.  We found wonderful herbal based supplements made by Healthforce.  We began to consume them on a daily basis.  Our energy levels increased and our skin became radiant.  We carry these products in our store so that all members of the Golden Race can begin to utilize these wonderful superfoods. 

            In addition to taking superfoods on a daily basis we also began to eat only one meal per day. They have us over eating, literally digging our graves with our forks and spoons. By cutting your caloric intake, you will boost your energy level and shrink your stomach naturally. It will also give you mental clarity. In addition to eating that one healthy meal per day, we juice for breakfast and eat a light snack (rice cake or fruit) for lunch.  Today, make the choice to eat to live and not live to eat. Eating a healthy organic meal once a day will put you on the path of healthy weight management.

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