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Posted by Ausar N Auset

You Must Return to the Ancient Way

Cosmic Family Member, 

We have been telling as many people as we can that this world that they incarnated into is changing at an alarming rate.  Spirit has instructed us to create a learning experience to help our people return to the ancient way so that they can successfully navigate in our new reality.  The new currency will be mental, and if you do not have control of your mind, you will live a very impoverished life.   

Many of our ancestral ancient sciences have been abandoned by the original humans. Most do not even know the basics about energy such as what chakra's are, how they are activated and blocked.  Fundamental information is crucial during this time!  As your chakras open, you will be easily unnerved as you begin to sense negative energies from those around you.  Ignorance of your mind, body, and environment will have catastrophic results.  

Our program is broken down into 3 16-week sections: Neophyte, Intercessor, and Monarch.  The Neophyte level goes into nutrition, the chakra system, yogic poses, breathing techniques, crystal healing, essential oil treatments, Reiki, and much more.  Towards the end of the this level we go into dowsing to tap into the subconscious mind and the planetary energy grids and chakra centers.  You also learn how to maintain optimum health so that you are able to channel energies. 

The Intercessor level dives into natural healing techniques, identifying herbs, making natural medicine, the Tarot, exploring cosmic energies through the ancient art of Astrology, Numerology, Palmastry, and the true planetary history. 

The Monarch level dives into the deities, magical working, rituals, sigil magic, and navigating the spirit world. 

Our Golden Race online store offers many of the items that you will find useful as you progress through our program.  In fact, we have entire Spirituality section set up for our Initiates.  From crystals to essential oils we have you covered.  

Our Mystery school is a wonderful way to learn and enhance your spiritual knowledge so that the transformation that is soon to occur on this planet will not take you by surprise.  It is very important that you return to the ancient way or you will not make it.    

Ausar N Auset

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