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You incarnated into a highly constructed computer simulation that is based on binary coding.  Therefore, your "life" can be decoded.  Our numerology reading will assist you in decoding your life.  This is a reading that EVERYONE should have done once a year!!  We'll calculate and explain your personal numbers for motivation, impression, expression, karma, subconscious response, destiny, life cycles, turning points, and major and minor challenges. Our reading includes career suggestions, tarot significator, and much more! You also get a year's forecast and lucky numbers.

This report is approximately 15-20 pages long.  Please allow 24 hours for email delivery. 

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Customer Reviews
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Very Insightful 5 product stars
"I have tried some of the free online numerology software. I was curious about getting a professional reading done, and I am glad I did. It was very thorough and detailed. I helped me to understand why I reincarnated and what Karma I am dealing with. This is a great reading." Tim - 5/5/2019
Great Reading 5 product stars
"This reading was very thorough. It provided great insight into my life. Highly recommended!!" Stephanie - 4/21/2019
Wonderful 5 product stars
"This report gave me wonderful insight into my life. I like the way it was outlined with lucky days and numbers for 2 years! Well worth the time. Thanks Ausar N Auset!" Bill - 4/12/2019
Awesome Reading!! 5 product stars
"I ordered my numerology report and it was awesome. I outlined my life and matched up perfectly. I am excited to know my karmetic debt and why I incarnated. I highly recommend this product to everyone who would like an insight into their life." Krystal - 3/30/2019
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