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If you like Ausar N Auset video dialogue, you will LOVE our Real Talk discussions.  Learn more indepth knowledge in our full dialogue discussion.  Order your copies today and have them emailed directly to your inbox.


Episode 1-Dead O's Revealed
Episode 2-Blood Lines
Episode 3-Mental Breakdown of Mankind
Episode 4-Docile
Episode 5-Differences Between the Race of Man
Episode 6-Ancient Blood Lines in America
Episode 7-Pandora's Box
Episode 8-The Great Divide 
Episode 9-The Golden Race Full Overview
Episode 10-Spiritual Protection
Episode 11- You are Your Own Worst Enemy
Episode 12- Spiritual Armageddon
Episode 13- Economic 
Episode 14-Nibiru: The Destroyer is Coming
Episode 15-Divine Bloodline Activation
Episode 16-Honoring the Ancestors
Episode 17-The Big Payback
Episode 18--The Curse of Forgiveness
Episode 19- Return to True Spirituality
Episode 20-The Power of Hate
Episode 21- Manifestation
Episode 22-Cosmic Countdown
Episode 23- Paranormal Activity
Episode 24-The Importance of Natural Health
Episode 25- America's Armageddon
Episode 26- The Fall of the Beast
Episode 27- All Coons will be Destroyed
Episode 28- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Episode 29- Resonant Frequency Rising
Episode 30-The Shadow People
Episode 31- Learn to Value Your Spirituality
Episode 32- Body Snatching
Episode 32- Climate Change
Episode 34- Maintaining your God Body
Episode 35- Home School Network
Episode 36- Heroes End up Zeroes
Episode 37- The 6th Great Mass Extinction Event

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Fire!!! 5 product stars
"These lectures are truly Real Talk lectures!! They are packed with powerful knowledge that most people are ignorant of or are too scared to admit. I have learned so much since I found the Golden Race. I listen to these lectures over and over and learn something new every time." Jeremy - 6/10/2019
Wonderful Lectures 5 product stars
"I heard a lecture on the Golden Race radio station. When I found out I could purchase them online, I started getting one a week. I have learned so much by listening to them. They have truly been a blessing." Shirley Mae - 5/5/2019
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