Surviving the Fall of Babylon

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For those of you who missed our 2019 Meeting of the Minds, you can still learn all of the important information that was presented during our meeting.  Life as we know it is quickly changing, and during this event, we prepared our members for the extreme climate issues that are ravaging our environment.  It is important that you learn what you must do to survive the coming collapse.   This course is designed to teach you how to survive if our society were to end. 

Topics addressed in this course include:

Securing shelter
Locating shelter
Storing food
Acquiring food
Dealing with medical issues
Storing and acquiring supplies
Weaponry for protection
Mental preparation
Physical preparation
Specialized training
and much more!!! 

This course includes a course manual and the full length instructional video that was presented at our Meeting of the Minds in 2019. 


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Life-Saving Knowledge 5 product stars
"I missed the meeting, so I ordered this course and it provided me with a lot of life-saving knowledge. I finished it feeling more empowered and knowledgeable about global events. This is a Very useful course for EVERYONE right now." Kim - 10/4/2019
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